2013 Galaxy Forum

The 2013 Galaxy Forum will be held July 27 in the Endeavour Classroom of the Cosmosphere in Hutchinson.

Presentations will include:

Introduction to the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation:

Learn more about the sponsor of the Galaxy Forum— its mission and future projects.

Exploring Space Weather—the Van Allen Storm Probes:

Earth's weather is familiar with to everyone but weather also occurs in space. Twin probes launched last August are helping us learn how this affects our space-based and ground-based technologies. Learn what scientists are looking for from veteran NASA scientists Dr. Thomas Armstrong and/or Dr. Jerry Manweiller.

From Understanding Basic Particle Physics to exploring the Universe

This year a number of startling advances in astro-particle physics have been announced:

  • The first clear evidence of Dark Matter;
  • A series of high energy gamma ray observations are expanding and changing our understanding of how stars end their lives;
  • The Ice Cube Neutrino Telescope at the South Pole suggests the existence of ultra massive particles yet to be created by manmade particle accelerators;
  • A brief intro into particle physics and how it is used to help understand the universe and its forces.

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