Ad Astra Kansas

Kansas Observatories

  • Clyde W. Tombaugh Observatory, Lawrence
    Located at the University of Kansas and named for the Kansan who discovered Pluto.
    (785) 864-3166.
  • Crane Observatory, Washburn University, Topeka
    Located on the Washburn University campus, Crane Observatory features a 1889 Warner-Swasey telescope that is still in use for public viewing.
    (785) 670-2141
  • Elk Creek Observatory, Holton
    Located on the Holton High School campus, Elk Creek Observatory is a public observatory/research facility to teach students and interested others research techniques in astronomy. The observatory hosts observing nights for the public to view through its 20" telescope and the 14" telescope.
    (785) 364-2903
  • Farpoint Observatory, Eskridge
    Located next to Mission Valley High School, Farpoint is known as the site of the discovery of more than 400 asteroids and one of the faintest comets ever discovered by an amateur. Completed in 1996, Farpoint was funded, designed, built and is maintained solely by Northeast Kansas Amatuer Astronomers League (NEKAAL) members.
    (785) 449-2102
  • Kansas Wesleyan Observatory, Salina
    Located on the Kansas Wesleyan University campus, the observatory offers a16-inch telescope for scheduled viewing.
    (785) 827-5541.
  • Lake Afton Public Observatory, Wichita
    Part of Wichita State University’s Fairmount Center for Science and Mathematics Education, the observatory hosts a 16-inch telescope to view such wonders as the giant planet Saturn and its rings, the Moon with its craters and mountains, glowing clouds of gas, star clusters with thousands of stars, and distant galaxies many times bigger than our own Milky Way. The Observatory is located about 20 miles west, southwest of downtown Wichita, Kansas.
  • Pittsburg State-Greenbush Astrophysical Observatory, Girard
    In operation since August 1996, the PSU/GAO features a classical Cassegrain telescope with a 61 cm (24 inch) primary mirror and has a focal ratio of f/15. The telescope was purchased from New Mexico State University's Astronomy Dept. in 1993. Along with the telescope, we obtained a Boller & Chivens spectrograph, spectrophotometer, and photoelectric photometer.
    (620) 235-4391
  • Powell Observatory, Louisburg
    Powell Observatory was originally built in 1984 by club members, and is located about 25 miles south of Kansas City - in Lewis-Young Park, just north of Louisburg, Kansas. At this location skies are much darker than in the city. Powell Observatory has the largest telescope in a five state area. The main telescope has a 30" mirror, and is available for public viewing, club member private use, and for on-going research projects. This telescope is among the very largest telescopes in the entire country that is regularly available for public viewing of the night sky.
    (913) 438-3825



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