Science in Kansas, 150 years and counting

During Kansas' sequicentennial year in 2011 the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation , created a set of trading cards that highlights 150 Kansas scientists, both past and present, and their contributions.  These free trading cards are geared towards teachers and students and can be downloaded in sets of four and printed for use in classrooms or at home.

December Cards:

December set #1 --  Marshall Barber, Sigifredo Castro Diaz, Gavin Buffington, David Gustafson

December set #2 --  Norge W. Jerome, Elias Michaelis, Kendra Mclauchlan, L. Scott Miller

December set #3--  Virginia Rider, F. Sherwood Rowland, Paul Rillema, Tom Rudkin

December set #4--  Matthew Stinemetze, Lynn Watney

November Cards:

November set #1 -- Randall Chambers, Gisela Dreschhoff, Dan Devlin, David Edds

November set #2 -- Joe Engle, Virginia Naibo, Bob Minaie, Zoran Petrovic

November set #3-- Mabel Rice, Xiuzhi "Susan" Sun, Francis H. Snow, Orlie "Chip" Taylor

October Cards:

October set #1 -- James Aber, Lewis Coriell, Kristan Corwin, Mike Everhart

October set #2 -- Carol Fabian, Burton McCollum, Norman Ramsay, Jr., Mary Rezac

October set #3-- Jan Roskam, Almon b. Strowger, Brian C. Thomas, Philine Wangeman

September Cards:

September set #1 -- Ralph N. Adams, Barbara Anthony-Twarog, Steven Barlow, Elizabeth Davis

September set #2 -- William W. Duke, Hall L. Hibbard, Wiliam B. Kuhn, Albin Longren

September set #3-- C.F., Karl and Will Menninger, Christopher Sorensen, Joseph Thomasson, Janet Twomey

August Cards:

August set #1 -- Jesse Beams, Samuel J. Crumbine, Caroline Chaboo, Ron Evans

August set #2 -- Victor Frost, Alexander Konopelko, Ed. C. Jerman, Abbey Nutsch

August set #3-- Mario Rivera, Youqi Wang, John Tomblin, Waldo R. Wedel

July Cards:

July set #1 -- Thomas Armstrong, Mary Dawson, Alex Chaparro, Paul C. Fisher

July set #2 -- Neil Frank, Vicki Johnson, Jared Grantham, Chii-Dong Lin

July set #3-- Susan Nissen, Timothy P. Rohrig, G. Baley Price, Mark Schneegurt

June Cards:

June set #1 -- Mark A. Carleton, Walter Chrysler, David Darwin, Paul Harrington

June set #2 -- Omar Knedlik, Lawrence E. Lamb, Rose Rozmiarek, Robert Schoeff

June set #3-- Randy Scott, Joy Ward, Anna Whitfield, Paul H. Wooley

May Cards:

May set #1 -- Robert Ballard, Elam Bartholomew, Dwight Burford, Lewis L. Dyche

May set #2 -- Erasmus Haworth, Elizabeth McCollough, Ruth Douglas Miller,Bill Narayan

May set #3-- Harvey H. Nininger, Paul Seib, Barbara Timmermann, Zulma Toro-Ramos

April Cards:

April set #1 -- Christine Aikens, Steve Hawley, Takeru Higuchi, Cindy Hoover

April set #2 -- R. Carl Hoseney, Alexander A. Hyde, Wes Jackson, Richard K. Moore

April set #3-- T. G. Nagaraja, Nickolas Solomey, Lloyd Stearman, Don Steeples

March Cards:

Mar. set #1 --  Kristin Bowman-James,  George Washington Carver, Creighton Hardin, Donna Johnson

Mar. set #2 -- Joseph W. Kennedy,  Fred C. Koch,  Karma Mason,  Otis Ray Mcintire

Mar. set #3 --  Gerardo Olivares, L. Worth Seagondollar,  Charles H. Sternberg , Walter Swingle

February Cards:

Feb. set #1 -- Thomas Aldag, Cora Downs, Gary Burrell/Min Kao, Prasad Gogineni

Feb. set #2 -- Elmer McCollum, Ernest Fox Nichols, Benjamin F. Mudge, William Purvis / Charles Wilson

Feb. set #3 -- Earl W. Sutherland, Jr., Clyde Tombaugh, Charles O. Swanson, Samantha Wisely

January Cards:

Jan. set #1 -- Charles Angell Sr., Clyde Cessna, Hamilton Cady, William C. Coleman

Jan. set #2 -- David Fairchild, Olga Koper, Christopher Ibeh, Brian McClendon

Jan. set #3 -- Charles Rice, Walter Sutton, Jack St. clair Kilby, Judy Z. Wu

(To use the cards, print the set, cut out the individual cards, and fold in half to create a front and back)

The “and counting”  will recognize up to 20 outstanding Kansas high school  juniors and seniors who excel in any area of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). They will have a card also.

Other activities in connection with this project, such as displays or presentations at science museums, are also being discussed.

Featured scientists work in any STEM field and  can be involved in fundamental research  and/or  technological applications areas.  General areas include (but are not limited to)

To allow for the historical context, we have defined a scientist as “anyone who makes use of science or technology, especially those who have brought attention to the state's preeminence in science and technology. The list can include those people who work in traditional science and math disciplines, as well inventors, innovators, builders, and dreamers.”

Honorees are:

 Although a qualifying scientist may also teach, selection will be based on scientific work, not on  teaching.

Nominations  begin July 15, 2010. The deadline is Oct. 1, 2010. Recommended scientists will be contacted for more biographical information.  The list of featured scientists should be available by early December.

These Word forms can be filled out online and printed:

Scientist nomination; for a pdf form , click here

Student nomination; for a pdf form, click here

Historical scientist nomination

Send  to:
150th  Project
Ad Astra Kansas Initiative
211 E. 2nd
Hutchinson, KS 67501