2010 Galaxy Forum

The 2010 Galaxy Forum, sponsored by the Ad Astra Kansas Initiative was held August 28 at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

The Forum provided educators with a venue where they can increase their knowledge about physics and astronomy, including current research in Kansas. Speakers included Dr. Nick Solomey, Chair of the Wichita State University Department of Physics; Senator Steve Morris, (right) President of the Kansas Senate; Elias Jordan, Kansas Astronomical Observers.

The teachers had the opportunity to:

  • Discover where the new avenues of science research and cosmology are occurring in Kansas.
  • Access resources which will foster student inquiry into how science is related to everyday life and the connection between job opportunities and science careers.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in a discussion about the future of Kansas science education, including standards and possible changes, with a current state legislator.
  • Learn how to involve students in higher levels of physics and astronomy education.
  • Teachers can correlate these objectives with the state science standards.

    Solomey, Jordan, Morris



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