Ad Astra Kansas


Fall 2023

  • Here are some Fast Exo-planet Facts...
  • Fast Eclipse Fact
  • Fast Interstellar U. Facts
  • Fast Asteroid Facts
  • OSIRIS-Rex Kansas connection
  • Interstellar Seminar to expand
  • Kansas State Library partners with Solar Eclipse Activities in Libraries
  • KSU senior named Goldwater Scholar
  • In Memoriam
  • Nova-C Moon lander mission has links to AAKF board member
  • Letter from the Editor:
  • Interstellar R&D

Summer 2023

  • What year was the first exoplanet discovery confirmed?
  • Students find interstellar seminar thought-provoking.
  • AAK Space Celebration gets four stars.
  • Kansas has a NASA Moon Tree.
  • KU junior awarded an Astronaut Scholarship.
  • WSU AeroFeathers target quiet flight.
  • NASA grant enables WSU Team to study microbes,
  • FHSU College of Education awarded NASA grants.
  • Sunlite tackles radiation.
  • Upcoming Events

Spring 2023

  • AAK Day + cool science = Fun
  • KU physics major awarded Goldwater Scholarship
  • Kansas high school selected for NASA TechRise Student Challenge
  • K-State chemist receives prestigious NSF Career Award
  • Robotics teams quality for VEX World Tourney
  • K-State award recognizes outstanding high school science teachers
  • Flint Hills Discovery Center awarded NASA STEM education grant
  • Upcoming Events
  • Interstellar R&D

Winter 2022-23

  • Almost underway...
  • Kansas suppliers helped make Artemis 1 successful
  • New Star, Planet name proposed by Chickasaw Nation and Cosmosphere
  • Wichita State students present work on NASA neutrinos project at Paris conference
  • What about micro-organisms, extreme conditions and space?
  • Upcoming Events:

Fall 2022

  • They were only expected to last five years...
  • More views of the Galaxy Forum..
  • AAKF adds to board
  • And thank-you to...
  • NASA Eclipse Ambassasors wanted for 2023 & 2024
  • High Altitude Ballooning at Fort Hays State University...
  • KU physicist receives a 2022 MacArthur Fellowship
  • KU aerospace engineering students excel in national design competition
  • NASA engineer returns to WSU as Innovator in Residence
  • K-State doctoral student awarded prestigious Ford Foundation fellowship
  • Quick Notes
  • Pioneering course on interstellar science, communities and civilization to be offered
  • Interstellar R&D #42

Summer 2022

  • Voyager --Happy 45th to Humanity's Most Distant Explorers
  • DART--A Targeted Mission
  •  Summer around the Moon--three new orbiters
  • Mars Update
  • Interstellar 101

Spring 2022

  • Steve Durst to present introduction to the interstellar community
  • Winning NASA patch has S.N.A.P.P.Y. design
  • The Ad Astra Kansas Space Celebration--We're back!
  • Summer Outreach-
  • Another Wichita tie to the Atlas V rocket
  • Kansas Space Grant outreach / 2022 Western Kansas Robotics Competition winners
  • Interstellar R&D

Winter 2021-22

  • Spring 2022 watch for AAKFactivities
  • New space mission contracts for five Wichita firms
  • One Bright Kansas Star: Sarah Elizabeth McCandless
  • NASA Challenge "SUITS" the WSU "Harvestars"
  • Coffee at the Cosmo returns Jan. 20
  • Project LEAPES: More 7-12 STEM education from K-State Rural Education Center
  • KU aerospace students fly high in international competition

Fall 2021

  • Supernova effects come from surprising places
  • Kansas Students Grades 6-12 Cubesat Mission Patch Contest
  • Galaxy Forum 2021--link to watch it
  • NASA eyes, Kansas Minds II:  JWST
  • KU takes lead on nuclear research
  • Exploration Place brings astronaut adventure
  • Coffee @ Cosmo happening
  • Welcome to a new board member
  • Interstellar R&D

Summer 2021

  • The 2021 Galaxy Forum, August 21, will feature the soon-to-be-launched James Webb Space Telescope. 
  • Experts take on the Sun, Mars and our Interstellar University initiative.
  • Getting closer and closer to the Sun…within seven solar radii.
  • NASA science reporting is a dream for Kansan.
  • Benedictine's Daglen Observatory broadens student choices and public outreach.

Spring 2021

  • Space physics is a magnetic force to KU alum--Mona Kessel leads heliophysics research at NASA HQ
  • Kansas universities work on NASA artificial intelligence project--KSU, KU and WSU collaborating
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day governor's proclamation-- We continue to promote science in Kansas
  • Congrats to two WSU achievers-- NSF and BEYA awards
  • Benedictine scientist is part of new discovery in interstellar space--Molecules are a big deal in space
  • Interstellar R & D--What's happening?

Winter 2020-21

  • KU alum helps "Shepard" in a new era of space travel
  • Marking twenty years of the Ad Astra Kansas Foundation
  • NASA grant to Kansas universities focuses on 3D printing
  • View last October's Galaxy Forum on our Facebook page
  • Grant enables National Institute of Materials Advancement at Pittsburg State

Fall 2020

  • "ARTEMIS and BEYOND" is the 2020 Galaxy Forum theme. Learn about the Moon landing scheduled for 2024, the next rock on our bucket list--Mars, and more. Current Artemis engineer and native Kansan Michael Staab will be among the experts speaking in this annual free event.
  • $2.3 million grant allows WSU to keep leading NASA in Kansas efforts. Grant will allow NASA in Kansas to continue and expand STEM education, research and policy  in Kansas.
  • KU astronomer helps discover first planet orbiting a white dwarf star WD 1856 b is the size of Jupiter
    Imaging Triton--the optics are good for Winfield native. Penny Warren has always loved knowing the underlying drivers of things...
  • More help for STEM education! Ten more Kansas school districts to benefit.
    Interstellar R&D -- Always something new

Summer 2020

  • Spacesuit design--engineering put to a stellar use. Mallory Jennings uses mechanical engineering to work on both future and current spacesuits.
  • Annual Galaxy Forum postponed because of COVID
  • Spinning galaxies have unexpected possibilities. K-State study of geometrical patterns of over 200,000 spiral galaxies bring surprises
  • Fort Hays State University robotics wins national ITEECA 2020 competition. Their two teams  consisted of both traditional and early college students
  • KU juniors earn 2020 Astronaut Foundation Scholarships. Angelica Lang and Jonah Stiel both started their research in high school
  • Kansas planetariums display the universe. Seven resources around the state for learning about the sky
  • Virtual Q +A about Artemis available for students. Hear from Nick Hague and others involved in the space arena

Spring 2020

  • WSU offers Space Science Graduate Certificate program-- the first of its kind in Kansas
  • Robots to expand distance learning--grant expected to serve 2,360 rural students in Kansas
  • Kansas Observatories--resources to learn about astronomy
  • Downlink to last November's  Interstellar Symposium presentation videos--fourteen available for viewing
  • Interstellar R&D--observation, communication, transportation

Winter 2019-20

  • KU graduate joins active astronaut corps
  • New NASA  e-book reveals insights of Earth seen at night from space
  • AAKF upcoming events
  • WSU project studies human brain responses in space
  • TVIW/NASA Interstellar Symposium and Propulsion Workshop proves
    stimulating / thought-provoking

Fall 2019

  • Upcoming Symposium's Next Giant Leap:  Ad Astra
  • Wichita aerospace company selected as NASA partner
  • Galaxy Forum topics inform
  • NASA Eyes--Kansas Minds
  • Celebrating the Scientific Legacy of NASA and Apollo
  • Move over Mighty Mouse: KSU researchers send mice to space for immune studies
  • Symposium science fiction panel


Summer 2019

  • August Galaxy Forum to feature black holes and more…
  • Ad Astra Kansas Foundation announces endowment
  • Abstract submission and registration open for Wichita-based Interstellar Symposium and NASA Workshop
  • AAKF adds to foundation board
  • Fun was had by all at the Ad Astra Space Celebration
  • KSGC grants help Kansans mark NASA milestones…
  • …and another Kansas connection
  • Randall Chambers award winners 2019
  • Another event

Spring 2019pdf

  • AAKF fosters STEM at ExpO
  • Upcoming Ad Astra Kansas Space Celebration
  • KSU involved in ISS research
  • Kansas amateur astronomers to track near-earth– objects
  • Downlink to Nick Hague available May 10
  • Interstellar symposium registration to open
  • Interstellar R & D

Winter 2018-19pdf

    • AAKF winter outreach
    • Kansas Central LEGO League winners
    • Interstellar Symposium call for abstracts
    • Peterson Planetarium special events
    • Letter by Kansas U.S. Senator Jerry Moran
    • WSI Space Exploration Lecture #2
    • Hague to go into wild blue yonder again

Fall 2018pdf

  • Galaxy Forum goes to both ends of the solar system
  • Ad Astra Kansas Space Day soars
  • Call for abstracts to sixth interstellar symposium
  • Kansas astronaut has “one wild ride”
  • Interstellar R&D

Summer 2018pdf

  • Galaxy Forum travels with Juno to Jupiter
  • Kansas astronaut will launch to International Space Station
  • Team K.I.S.S gets AAKF’s 2018 Ad Astra Kansas Award
  • Interested in rocketry? Check these out...
  • KU mini-satellite launch is on the horizon
  • Teachers can see free educational documentaries ...
  • In Memoriam...

Spring 2018pdf

  • Proclamation by the Governor
  • In case you were wondering... a list of Nobel Prize winners in science with Kansas connections
  • KU Martian spacecraft design wins AIAA award
  • AAKF fosters STEM at Engineering Expo
  • NIAC award targets solar interior
  • Send your name to the Sun
  • WSU is tops in aerospace engineering
  • Astronaut Scott Kelly in Hutchinson
  • Interstellar R & D

Winter 2017-18

  • Astronaut  Scott Kelly coming to Hutchinson
  • The great escape:  With mock space capsule, KSU researchers partner with NASA
  • AAKF to participate in Kansas Day history event
  • Exploration Place exhibit "Designs,  Builds (and now) Flies"

Fall 2017

  • Hope to discover sure signs of life on Mars? -- This KU professor's team has proposed a technique using the element vanadium.
  • Kansas teachers:  Applications are open for 2018 Honeywell Educators Space Academy Includes a link to the application website.
  • In memoriam:  Cassini-Huygens -- Cassini traveled 7 years and 2.7 billion miles to get to Saturn and gave us 13 years of up-close-and-personal with Saturn and its moons.
  • Link to "Lord of the Rings: the Cassini Mission to Saturn" from Galaxy Forum  -- This audience-friendly presentation by Todd Barber, NASA lead propulsion engineer on the mission, lays the science out in a very understandable manner. Great for students
  • Ad Astra Space Celebration was wet and wild -- Includes photos of and thank-yous to.
  • Interstellar R & D -- Topics include planet-finding techniques, biosignature detection, solar sails and ion thrusters.

Summer 2017

  • Upcoming Galaxy Forum offers triple the fun-- 
         Corona, Corona--the eclipse
         Lord of the Rings--Cassini's "Grand Finale"
         Curious Cam--Curiosity's ChemCam findings
  • The 2017 Solar Eclipse by Dr. Christopher M. Sorensen
  • KU alum is selected for NASA 2017 astronaut class
  • Ad Astra Kansas award winners at WSU Engineering Open House
  • Ad Astra Kansas Space Celebration / Topeka Science & Tech Festival


Spring 2017

  • Curious Cam--Curiosity's ChemCam findings
  • The Ad Astra Kansas Foundation is co-recipient of science festival grant
  • TRAPPIST-1 Planetary Discoveries in the "Goldilocks" Zone presentation flyer
  • FROM the Editor
  • TRAPPIST-1 system is ultra cool and ultra complicated
  • KSU public lecture geared towards total eclipse / astrophotography
  • Astrobiology research at GSFC engages WSU physics major
  • Interstellar R & D

Winter 2016

  • NASA Design Build Fly exhibit to take off
  • University of Kansas graduate spends internship at NASA Ames
  • AAK Space Celebration was fun
  • Science museum ticket winners from AAK Space Celebration
  • Space exploration brings evolving questions

Fall 2016

  • Annual Ad Astra Kansas Day Space Celebration
  • Don't forget AmazonSmiles
  • Astronaut Scholarship awarded to two KU seniors
  • Interstellar R&D

Summer 2016

  • AKansas scientist to feature KEPLER at Galaxy Forum
  • Space travel opens new field of inquiry in genetics says KU prof
  • Support AAKF through the AmazonSmile program
  • K-State researchers invent, patent new type of laser
  • Smithsonian universe exhibit comes to southwest Kansas
  • Kansas students attend Honeywell space camp
  • Space education programs available for middle school teachers and students
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2016

  • Ad Astra Kansas Day calendar changes in 2016
  • PSU–GAO Observatory marks 20th anniversary
  • New Astra Kansas Foundation board member
  • Kansas Observatory Resources
  • KU student to study deep riddles at Fermilab
  • WSU is top in aerospace R&D funding
  • PSU teams com-pete in NASA rover challenge
  • Interstellar R & D

Fall 2015

  • Space enthusiasts flock to 2015 Galaxy Forum
  • Studying Earth rocks helps in search for life on Mars
  • NASA-inspired flagship program comes to Wichita magnet
  • Planetariums educate about the night sky
  • Randall Chambers Ad Astra Award winners
  • KU students receive Astronaut Scholarship Awards
  • Over 300 attend Ad Astra Kansas Day event
  • Researchers study Kansas weather
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2015 pdf

  • New Horizons ready for close encounter of the Pluto kind
  • Tombaugh remembered with New Horizons
  • 2015 Ad Astra Kansas Day will “Target Pluto
  • Students Cheer for Pluto as Kansas State Symbol
  • AAK Foundation welcomes new board member
  • KU physicists active in Large Hadron Collider restart
  • Wichitan “fixes stuff” on the ISS
  • KSGC funds enable education / research
  • Interstellar R & D
  • AAK Day flyer and information
  • Scientist to speak about interstellar travel

Fall 2014 pdf

  • KSU space biology research studies the immune system
  • Haskell Indian Nations University awarded NASA grant
  • High Altitude Balloon launches give students “aha” moments
  • Galaxy Forum journeys to the Moon, Mars and the stars
  • K-State researchers design wireless bio-sensor technology for space suits
  • Randall Chambers Ad Astra Kansas Award
  • Don’t forget the Dream Rocket Project
  • Researchers to gauge supernova disaster
  • NASA #SkyScience activity
  • NASA opens Mars science challenge to public
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2014 pdf

  • NASA astronaut Steve Hawley presents at Ad Astra Kansas Day
  • Valley Center H.S students send experiment to International Space Station
  • Ad Astra Kansas Foundation adds new board member
  • Native American astronomy at AAK Day
  • State Science Olympiad teams excel
  • KU students team to work on technology
  • Cosmosphere mockup to be on Discovery Channel
  • Interstellar R & D

Fall 2013 pdf

  • Dream Rocket Project melds art, science and visions for the future
  • Fifth Galaxy Forum Kansas gives educators cutting edge information
  • KU grad student to study polar ice
  • Galaxy Forum websites
  • Summer intern writes computer code at JPL
  • Kansas BEST Robotics 2013
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2013 pdf

  • Ad Astra Kansas Day travels from Earth to the Van Allen Belt to Curiosity to Voyager
  • Kansan discovers asteroids to rival Russian one
  • Meet Our Board
  • KU researchers seen on Weather Channel series “Forecasting the End”
  • Cosmic ray observatory provides hands-on experience for WSU senior
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall 2012 pdf

  • KU scientist receives grant to study complexity of the universe
  • Astronaut health technology research may have uses both in space and here on Earth
  • Meet our Board
  • Galaxy Forum shines
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day 2012 photos
  • Higgs boson discovery exciting
  • Mars rover name came from Kansas student
  • Randall Chambers  AAK Engineering Award
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring 2012 pdf

  • Ad Astra Kansas Initiative Foundation Board named
  • Voyagers’ Kansas ties continue after 35 years
  • Cosmosphere celebrating 50th anniversary
  • Meet our Board members
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day 2012
  • Teacher workshop opportunity
  • SCIENCE in KANSAS--150 Years and Counting roster
  • Interstellar R & D

Fall 2011 pdf

  • Ad Astra Kansas meeting to found new organization
  • NASA composites grant awarded
  • Looking for salty Martians
  • First stage of Auger North Cosmic Ray Observatory (photo)
  • Topeka Highland launches robotics
  • Kansas NASA space science student ambassador speaks from experience
  • One year into NASA / KSU space fitness research
  • Land of Oz Observatory update
  • Kansas R & D
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2011 pdf

  • Governor's proclamation of Ad Astra Kansas Day to celebrate science in Kansas
  • Sesquicentennial prompts recognition of science legacy
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day Space Celebration
  • Presentation on possible Kansas observatory to be given in Topeka
  • Sticking power: New patented adhesive could find place in space
  • What's your Kansas Science-Q?
  • Kansas Science Olympiad held April 2
  • Kansas R &D
  • Interstellar R & D

Fall 2010 pdf

  • Observatory is possible in Kansas
  • Ad Astra to recognize150 years of science achievement
  • KSU studying astronaut physical requirements
  • Randall Chambers Award
  • Three Kansans to JSC
  • Galaxy Forum goes cosmic
  • KU telemetry projects
  • WU near space balloon launch
  • Kansas Science Olympiad held April 2
  • Kansas R &D
  • Interstellar R & D

Spring 2010 pdf

  • NanoScale Corporation working on space projects and more
  • Washburn doing NASA study on gamma ray effects
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day 2010 Governor's proclamation
  • Upcoming Ad Astra Kansas Day Space Celebration in Topeka
    --in honor of Hubble 20th anniversary
  • Kansas Academy of Math and Science aims at exceptional students
  • KU's Monarch Space Watch includes Kansas students
  • Cosmosphere celebrates Apollo 13 -- 40th anniversary
  • Kansas R & D listings
  • Interstellar R & D

Fall - 2009  pdf                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Galaxy Forum informs
  • Space physics on the radar at Fort Hays State
  • NASA awards $1.9 million to KU Center for polar studies 
  • NSF awards $20 million for Kansas energy and climate research 
  • Wichita is site of SAMPE conference
  • KCSC receives prestigious grant
  • R & D projects in Kansas  
  • Interstellar R & D  

Spring - 2009  pdf                                                                                                                                                                    

  • 2009 governor's proclamation of Ad Astra Kansas Day
  • UAS technology advancing in Kansas  
  • International physics convention to be at KSU 
  • Stellar activity thrives in Kansas 
  • Wichita aerospace magnets attract students
  • NSF STEM grant enables Pittsburg State engineering scholarships  
  • Outcomes from Kansas Space Initiative meeting (link) 
  • R & D projects in Kansas  
  • Interstellar R & D      

Fall - 2008 pdf

  • November meeting to explore Kansas space tech potential
  • NASA 50th...Lyons man’s helicopter retrieved Alan Shepard
  • Robots wow at ICRA
  • 2008 Kansas SMARTT Conference features Homer Hickam
  • Kansas Cosmosphere eyes podcasting
  • $2.9 million awarded for science education program
  • Student finalist in Discovery Channel 3-M Scientist Challenge
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2008 pdf

  • Think tiny Mars rovers
  • Hawley is homebound
  • National LDRS launch to be held in Argonia this summer
  • Chambers was a national treasure
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day observance planned
  • Wichita State ranks third in aerospace R & D
  • KU teams selected for NASA Microgravity University
  • Downlink connects fifth graders to astronauts
  • WSU students working at NASA Dryden
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2007 pdf

  • KU scientists theory sheds light on the cosmic effects on extinctions on Earth
  • Kansas has space for space industry
  • Pittsburg State: a moonbuggy master
  • Kansas space scientist addresses NASA
  • Robotics competitions foster scientific thinking
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2007 pdf

  • Governor's Proclamation
  • Team lights the way in NASA competition
  • Cosmosphere gains new president and more space
  • NASA training comes home with teachers
  • Kansas Day activities at the Capitol look to the stars
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2006 pdf

  • Mathematicians quantum gravity research may have interstellar applications
  • Pluto, we hardly knew ye
  • Liberty Bell 7 returns to Kansas for good
  • KSGC has new director, associate director
  • KCAE member to be honored
  • Kiowa County -- meteorite capital?
  • Topeka display marks Ad Astra Day
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2006 pdf

  • Astronomy and space physics research active in Kansas
  • Ad Astra display to be in capitol rotunda
  • Kansas observatories
  • "Getting off the Planet" chronicles behind-the-scenes research that went into the U.S. space program
  • Wellington Challenger Center continues education mission of astronauts
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2005 pdf

  • WSU friction-stir welding project has space applications
  • Topeka company is Kansas' newest NASA connection
  • Ad Astra Kansas Day event looks to the stars
  • NASA in Kansas is present at Kansas State Fair
  • Cosmosphere premieres "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon"
  • Wichita middle school is Kansas NASA Explorer School
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2005 pdf

  • Kansas space future is topic of Ad Astra Day
  • Governor's Proclamation
  • Mars human factors in NASA's new space flight missions -- Part II
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2004 pdf

  • First Kansas satellite is ready to soar
  • Mars human factors in NASA's new space flight missions -- Part I
  • Kansans attend 2004 NASA academies
  • New staff member joins Ad Astra
  • Kansas 4-H does aerospace "fairly" well
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2004 pdf

  • Astronaut Steve Hawley to speak at second annual Ad Astra Day event
  • In astronaut training, most roads lead back to NASA
  • Kansas high schools earn FIRST robotic competition awards
  • Summer science opportunities abound at all levels
  • Ad Astra Per Aspera
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2003 pdf

  • Kansas flies high in remote sensing
  • Kansas team to fly on NASA KC-135 microgravity aircraft
  • So you want to be an astronaut?
  • NASA travel grants available
  • KSGC members/affiliates display at EAA AirVenture
  • Space flight notables present at Wichita Aviation Festival
  • Scientific role models needed
  • Gemini 6 and 10 in Hutchinson
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2003 pdf

  • Governor's Proclamation
  • Ad Astra Day proclaimed -- celebration event scheduled
  • Human factors engineering: Enhancing work efficiency and safety in space and on earth
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Fall - 2002 pdf

  • Why Kansas?
  • NASA headquarters comes to Kansas
  • Space serendipities and spinoffs -- opportunity knocks
  • BioServe seeks life science knowledge
  • R&D projects in Kansas
  • Interstellar R&D

Spring - 2002 pdf

  • Kansas has high hopes in 21st century
  • Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center has stellar mission
  • Space serendipities and spinoffs enhance life quality on earth
  • Interstellar R&D

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