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  • Hope to discover sure signs of life on Mars? -- This KU professor's team has proposed a technique using the element vanadium.
  • Kansas teachers:  Applications are open for 2018 Honeywell Educators Space Academy Includes a link to the application website.
  • In memoriam:  Cassini-Huygens -- Cassini traveled 7 years and 2.7 billion miles to get to Saturn and gave us 13 years of up-close-and-personal with Saturn and its moons.
  • Link to "Lord of the Rings: the Cassini Mission to Saturn" from Galaxy Forum  -- This audience-friendly presentation by Todd Barber, NASA lead propulsion engineer on the mission, lays the science out in a very understandable manner. Great for students
  • Ad Astra Space Celebration was wet and wild -- Includes photos of and thank-yous to.
  • Interstellar R & D -- Topics include planet-finding techniques, biosignature detection, solar sails and ion thrusters.

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